Our Story

As the founder of Bumptē, a twin, and being the youngest of 7, I had always dreamed of establishing my own brand. Although I didn't have a clue what for, I had envisioned something unique, and something that would set me apart from the rest. Throughout both my sister’s and my friend’s pregnancies, they regularly complained about finding chic and tasteful maternity clothes, that didn’t include the hefty price tag. Though I’ve never birthed a child, my husband and I have fostered several children, and through this I have the utmost respect for all mothers. My own Mum is the strongest woman I know.

After waking up from a dream back in December 2014, I decided to pick up a pencil and immediately I began sketching. Thus, it was then, that Bumptē was born. 

Bumptē’s mission is to provide comfortable, fashionable, but more importantly, affordable clothing for all new mothers. I believe that mothers are often overlooked, despite having the hardest job in the world- being a mom! Bumptē will provide expecting mothers everything from comfort, to affordability, and everything in between.